Spartans win appeal for Empire Open

Thanks Paul!

For those of you that are first reading of this appeal, I’ll insert some background info. Our 50 years team drove all the way up to Santa Rosa about a month ago to run in the first cross country race of the season. They planned to register with the PAUSAT&F at the race but there was no one there to register new members. We entered the race anyway, planning to register later. Obviously, we were not scored because we were not PAUSAT&F members at race time. Our protest was that our lack of registration was because of the shortcoming of the organization, not the runners; we should not be penalized for their omissions.

I lodged a brief e-mail appeal, but expected it to be denied because we would not be represented at the meeting. Paul Tjogas volunteered to go to the meeting and present our case. Below are his comments and observations. He didn’t say anything about his presentation – it must have been good.

Personally, it is really cheering when Paul and others step up to help the Spartans. I appreciate the thank-yous for for the work that I do for the club. Getting help in these things are especially welcome. It energizes me when people help. Thank all of you, either for chipping in when money is needed, showing up for races, practices and socials and also doing these other orginizational things.

And thank-you Paul for presenting our appeal. I know you presented it with tact and grace, understanding that these people are doing their best to keep the series going without receiving any compensation and probably very little thanks. Your comments below give us a peek at the efforts they put in.

The next race is is a 5k on Sep 30 starting at 9:00 for the women & 9:45 for the men. It’s at Garin Rgnl Park in the hill of Hayward.


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