California Senior Games on June 7th

Greetings fellow Spartans,

I’m trying to organize a carpool for the California Senior Games on Saturday, June 7th. As you may already know, this is the qualifier for the 2009 National Senior Games that will be held at Stanford in August 2009 (see website at HERE). It can be quite expensive to travel to this meet. An overnight stay is pretty much required, unless you can schedule your flights pretty tightly around your event. Southwest has some $59 fares (one way), so you are looking at a minimum of $120 for travel plus $75 for motel. The registration is $35 and $6 for each event entered. You probably need to rent a car to get between the airport, motel and track meet. So you could pay $300 or more to run one lousy race.

Here’s my plan. I can take my minivan, which will accommodate up to six runners. I figure that it will take about 40 gallons of gas for a round trip. I’m assuming that gas will be about $4.50 per gallon (price keeps going up after Memorial Day and it’s more expensive on I-5). That would be about $180. Even if we have just four people, that would be $45 per person. If we double up on rooms, figure $40 for the motel. Throw in the registration fee and now, we’re down to about $125, still a lot, but much more reasonable. A lot longer than a plane trip, but probably more fun.

The track events are contested between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday. We could leave on Friday morning, take a leisurely drive down (with frequent rest stops, so that we don’t cramp up), check in to a motel at a reasonable hour and be well rested for Saturday’s meet. We could leave right after the meet and drive back home. Even with a break for dinner, we should be able to get home by 11:00 – midnight.

So who wants to go?

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