Race (2008 xc season)

Hello Kurt et. al.

Thanks for your interest. You are a true Spartan!

Yes, we are all slower….”spearheading” can mean many things. However, I think it mostly means that we need someone to HEAD or LEAD the effort. Be the focal point or xc team captain.

I think it also means that to pull this off, we need help in several areas. I think Paul pretty much defined these obligations the past few years. All of us have issues to deal with that competes for our time and commitment.. ..whether it be work, family, injuries, or selfish endeavors. The point is that all of the little things add up.

Here’s a short list.

FIRST: Someone needs to contact each prospective team member….remember, not everyone has email or answers to it…

To start with, we can use last year’s roster.

SECOND: What teams do we want? 40’s ? 50’s ?, 60’s ?.

THIRD: We need to be respectful to everyone…. we all have other life commitments and issues beyond this.:

1. Maintain a team roster with race commitments, phone and email contact, etc. Distribute to all team members.
2. Ensure that each team member has a current PA card designating Spartans. Also has a singlet.
3. For each race, handle the details to make sure everyone that wants to run has a way of getting to the race.
4. Summarize race and submit score sheet. Communicate to the necessary PA and race officials any scoring issues.
5. Keep the team posted as each race gets nearer. This also means trying to motivate and get enough runners to score a team!!!
6. Help keep the team morality high and support each and every team member as best we can. If you can’t run, maybe you can come and cheer ?
7. Try and solicit more team members and get them registered. Looks like we may only have a possibility of fielding a 50’s team…but 40’s and 60’s runners are also welcome and can count in scoring on occasion.
8. etc. etc. etc.

Some good news. There are only 8 races. Actually 7 if we skip the first one (as we have done in the past few years).

Thanks, patrick

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