This Week at Garin Park


who is in for garin park? i can drive from usual rendezvous: sjcc.

how many to we need for a team, and do we have one? i’m reluctant to
make the trip if we don’t have a team.

asap: who’s in?


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Good Show!


The brave SPARTAN SENIORS once again sent their tired, their poor, their huddled harriers yearning to run free to compete against the corporate clubs of storied pomp.

And once again the SPARTAN SENIORS refused to be shut out!

In a slight rewording of Winston Churchill, Never have so few done so little for so much.



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hey harriers!

hard to believe, but the first x-country race is only 18 days away! (santa cruz, august 22).

i don’t think it’s too early to see how many brave lads we have who will dare to toe-the-line this year.

just wondering if we have a team.

so, can we start locking in the commitments? i’m going to try to make them all, including the new course in folsom.


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Race (2008 xc season)

Hello Kurt et. al.

Thanks for your interest. You are a true Spartan!

Yes, we are all slower….”spearheading” can mean many things. However, I think it mostly means that we need someone to HEAD or LEAD the effort. Be the focal point or xc team captain.

I think it also means that to pull this off, we need help in several areas. I think Paul pretty much defined these obligations the past few years. All of us have issues to deal with that competes for our time and commitment.. ..whether it be work, family, injuries, or selfish endeavors. The point is that all of the little things add up.

Here’s a short list.

FIRST: Someone needs to contact each prospective team member….remember, not everyone has email or answers to it…

To start with, we can use last year’s roster.

SECOND: What teams do we want? 40’s ? 50’s ?, 60’s ?.

THIRD: We need to be respectful to everyone…. we all have other life commitments and issues beyond this.:

1. Maintain a team roster with race commitments, phone and email contact, etc. Distribute to all team members.
2. Ensure that each team member has a current PA card designating Spartans. Also has a singlet.
3. For each race, handle the details to make sure everyone that wants to run has a way of getting to the race.
4. Summarize race and submit score sheet. Communicate to the necessary PA and race officials any scoring issues.
5. Keep the team posted as each race gets nearer. This also means trying to motivate and get enough runners to score a team!!!
6. Help keep the team morality high and support each and every team member as best we can. If you can’t run, maybe you can come and cheer ?
7. Try and solicit more team members and get them registered. Looks like we may only have a possibility of fielding a 50’s team…but 40’s and 60’s runners are also welcome and can count in scoring on occasion.
8. etc. etc. etc.

Some good news. There are only 8 races. Actually 7 if we skip the first one (as we have done in the past few years).

Thanks, patrick

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California Senior Games on June 7th

Greetings fellow Spartans,

I’m trying to organize a carpool for the California Senior Games on Saturday, June 7th. As you may already know, this is the qualifier for the 2009 National Senior Games that will be held at Stanford in August 2009 (see website at HERE). It can be quite expensive to travel to this meet. An overnight stay is pretty much required, unless you can schedule your flights pretty tightly around your event. Southwest has some $59 fares (one way), so you are looking at a minimum of $120 for travel plus $75 for motel. The registration is $35 and $6 for each event entered. You probably need to rent a car to get between the airport, motel and track meet. So you could pay $300 or more to run one lousy race.

Here’s my plan. I can take my minivan, which will accommodate up to six runners. I figure that it will take about 40 gallons of gas for a round trip. I’m assuming that gas will be about $4.50 per gallon (price keeps going up after Memorial Day and it’s more expensive on I-5). That would be about $180. Even if we have just four people, that would be $45 per person. If we double up on rooms, figure $40 for the motel. Throw in the registration fee and now, we’re down to about $125, still a lot, but much more reasonable. A lot longer than a plane trip, but probably more fun.

The track events are contested between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday. We could leave on Friday morning, take a leisurely drive down (with frequent rest stops, so that we don’t cramp up), check in to a motel at a reasonable hour and be well rested for Saturday’s meet. We could leave right after the meet and drive back home. Even with a break for dinner, we should be able to get home by 11:00 – midnight.

So who wants to go?

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Bay Area Senior Games

Have you signed up the Bay Area Senior Games? The mail registration has passed, but you can still register online until March 10.

This will be a good tuneup for the California State Games, which will be held in Pasadena on June 7th. That meet will be the qualifier for the 2009 National Senior Games to be held at Stanford in August, 2009.

The qualifying standards for the national meet (which must be achieved at the State Meet) can be found HERE

I’m entered in the 400m, 800, and 1500m for M55. I’m not in shape, but then nobody else is at this time of the year. I saw Bill Bengivino there last year running the 50+ 8k race, which is usually held in conjunction with the meet, although I don’t see it on the schedule for this year. Franks James was there last year also, running the 1500m for M65.

Hope to see you there.

Paul Tjogas

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Spartans are in 3rd place following Presdio…Amazing!

Hello Spartans,

Please note that after the Presidio team scoring, the Spartans seniors team are in 3rd place behind Tamalpa and WVJS. This is wonderful news!

Thanks to the great efforts of the Spartan runners, Paul, Bill, Kurt, Cisco, Sal, Leroy, Nick, and Art. Jay has also ran well but has no 40’s team support .


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sacto xc anyone?

spartan harriers,

i just noticed that the sacto xc run is in november and my play is
over at the end of october. i could make the sacto run if we can
field a senior team. it may be a good chance to pick up some points
if wvjs and tamalpa pass–or we could pad our current standing if
empire doesn’t show. would anyone else be up for the drive?


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Spartan’s Potluck – 1/27/07

Yes, Inquiring Minds,

The Spartans Holidaze Party is on,
on the date you reserved:
4:00 PM Saturday 1/27/07

Eat at 6ish.

At Chris and Ken Irving’s home
(in north SJ, driving directions to follow.)


Can’t wait to see you.

RSVP to either me or Chris,


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Club Cross Country Nationals

Hello Spartans

We need to coordinate our entry for the Club Nationals quickly if we want to save money. The entry fee increases as shown:

Online entries received on or before 5:00 EST on 12/1 are $30
Online entries received after 12/1 and before 5:00 EST on 12/4 are $55
Entries after 12/4 must be made onsite (in San Francisco and paid with cash or check) before 5:00 PST on 12/8 and are $75 (what a pain)
Faxed and race day entries are not accepted

The procedure for entering online is fairly straightforward. All you need is your Pacific Association number and password. Here is the link for entering. You don’t need to declare a team just yet. We have until 12/4 to sort that out. However, if you are not listed on the club roster, you need to take a few steps to be added so that you are eligible to run for the team. Here are the people listed on the club roster:

Bill Bengiveno
Greg Burke
Pat Buzbee
Brian Conroy
Leroy Daleen
Jay Elkerton
Lino Fabula
Kurt Gravenhorst
Sal Martinez
Rhoda Mirabeau
Jose Pina Sr
Jose Pina Jr
Steve Radigan
Art Sanchez
Claire Saxton
Paul Tjogas
Francisco Verduzco
Jerome Woehl
David Woodruff

Here is what you need to do to add yourself to the club roster (from PA website): Continue reading

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