Nov 21, 2004 – Cross Country Finals at Golden Gate Park, SF

This was the big one; the Finals! 6.4 miles in the turf and dirt. All the hot shots were there, even the mighty Spartans. Wheezer Man had another new tune – a medley of old ‘favorites’. I hated it, but it worked for him – he soon was far ahead of me. Ratty Julious was there, showing great improvement. Obviously, to improve so much so soon, he is using some unsportsmanlike aid. I say we should be competing on just our God given natural abilities; not stoop to enhancements. Julious, you cheater – training! For shame. That’s not natural.

The impressive show was in the men’s open race. One runner immediatley jumped to the front, improving his lead with a sub 5 minute mile pace. We stood and watched; even in our wildest dreams we couldn’t run that pace for any distance. He was ‘only’ an ‘unknown also ran’ in the 5000 at the Olympics. Amazing talent out there. The Spartans wern’t quite as impressive.

A big contingent of 50’s Spartans allowed us to fill down and field a 40’s team as well. The cheer squad was small but fantastic; lead by Carmen, clanging the cow bell and snapping photos. The final results are on the PAUSATF web site, go there to see ALL the results and final standings. Suffice it to say, our best news was that we were there and we had a good time. We scored very well at lunch afterwords. See ya next year…


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