Oct 23, 2004 – Shoreline Cross Country in Mountain View

Speedy Spartans shine again! Saturday’s Spartans we were so fleet, we beat the rain and sleet! The highlight of the mens’ race was at the start, when the Santa Clara U cross country ladies lined up at the transition, bearing their svelte tummies with bright red letters spelling out – SANTA KLARA UNIVERSITY. I assume that’s what it said; I couldn’t see much in the crowded start. Before the start, I swear that I saw one girl with a ‘K’ on her tummy, you figure out where that would go; ‘Klara’ was my best guess.

Mending Carlos Sequerios Sr was there to root on Carlos Jr and all us old Spartans. He was seen in so many places along the course, that he must have run farther than any of us. Get on the course, Carlos – you are ready! No lady Spartans were running or cheering. Our dream is to have our lady runners standing there spelling out ‘Spartans’. We could even settle for ‘Sparse’ – that’s more than a ladies team. So far we occasionally have enough for an ‘S’.

Race results are on the Association web site – PAUSATF.org. We all ran well – every Spartan was ahead of someone, thanks to all the over 60 guys that were out there. Dave Woodruff again led the Spartan’s charge, followed Seniors Sal Martinez, Paul Tjogas, Jerome Woehl, Kurt Gravenhorst, LeRoy Dahlan and Francisco Verduzco. Having two more Spartans would have allowed us to score a 40’s team.

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