Spartans Fun

Sunday, part of my bike ride took me along the westerly side of San Francisco’s Lake Merced. Memories of Spartan teams competing there in many Christmas Relay came flooding back. The imperceptible downhill at the start and on the backside, bringing the “I’m doing great!” feeling. Then the long rise back to the finish, bringing, “uh oh!” Having Pat point out all the old college stars and Olympians.  Lunch afterwards and recounting the “almosts”.

Nothing like the good old days. But … these are the good old days. All we have to do is put in the effort and then wait a few years.

For our installment on this year’s good old days, the Spartans club membership renewal has been completed so we continue as part of the Pacific Association of the USA Track and Field Association. Thank-you for your membership fee contributions – Paul Togas, Kurt Gravenhorst and Francisco Verduzco.

We may now compete again in the fall USATF cross country series.
Be sure to go to our race listings to see PAUSATF events through June, that you may want to enter.

You must be a USATF member to participate. Renew now at

Hope to see you at the Monday/Wednesday evening interval workouts at Lincoln High School. Remember, the short, intense bursts of interval workouts are the best training tools. And the camaraderie makes it fun … almost.

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